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Geek Wallpaper Pack 2

I have a new Wallpaper Pack for you guys. This one is also a geek wallpaper pack as well. I try to pick higher quality images, but some are good enough for the average screen. I can’t find every wallpaper in 1920×1080! So anyways, here is the wallpaper pack. There is a Download Link at the bottom to a .rar file with all of them. I suggest getting them that way instead of downloading them one by one. See, I making things easier for you!


Download Link

^^Click the free download link at the above this line.

To unpack this wallpaper pack,  you need to download Winrar(32 bit) or Winrar(64 bit), a free archive maker and unzipper. It will help you in the days to come!

Disclaimer: I do not own these images. All of the rights are to the respectful authors. I merely collecting these for the enjoyment of the readers of this blog.

Geek Wallpaper Pack 1

So, I had this idea of wallpaper packs from a blog that I co-author called The Randomness Thing. Its a great blog and stuff so I figured I would start doing some wallpaper packs for you. This wallpaper pack is a collection of Geek-ish wallpapers, extending from computers/tech/gaming. If you like it, I will make more wallpaper packs like it. Enjoy the wallpapers!




Click the free download link at the bottom. I need to find a better place to save these.

To unpack this wallpaper pack,  you need to download Winrar(32 bit) or Winrar(64 bit), a free archive maker and unzipper. It will help you in the days to come!

Microsoft vs. Apple (Graphics War)

Once again, it seems that the two software giants Apple and Microsoft cannot agree on something. Gasp! Its sooooo surprising. The disagreement this time? WebGL.

Now if you don’t know anything about WebGL then you are in luck, I will explain a little bit about it to you. If you are following this already, then you probably already know why I am posting about it. You see, WebGL was originally created by Mozilla who creates the most used web browser to date, Mozilla Firefox. WebGL, which stands for Web-based Graphics Library, is a software library that enhances the ability of the Javascript programming language to interact, generate, and display 3D graphics. The greatest fact, is that WebGL graphics allow the graphics to be displayed without the use of plug-ins and extensions. If I could only count the number of plug-ins my Firefox has already!! The only drawback is, your web browser has to be compatible. Firefox, since developed by Mozilla, is already compatible with the experimental version of WebGL.

Now the argument? Its simple. Recently Microsoft released that it doesn’t support the WebGL graphic standard as it is now due to security issues. As long as WebGL has these supposed vulnerabilities, Microsoft will not support it as a Web standard. Its just too risky they say, which acknowledging the recent LulzSec and Anonymous hackers who are getting worldwide media attention, doesn’t seem to be a bad take on it. On the otherside, you have Apple who announced today that it does support WebGL and has signed up for WebGL for iAds. iAds are very flashy and interactive Ads that have recently been incorporated into the iPhone OS interface. So those of you with iPhones, prepare for your ads to really sparkle at this next iPhone OS update! Yay ADS! >.>

Here are the links to Microsoft’s and Apple’s news releases on CNet:

Apple’s News Release

Microsoft’s News Release