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After E3 (June 2012)

As many of you know, this week has been one of the most interesting weeks for gaming in the world. Gamers around the world watched intently at livestreams of the game conference known as E3. For those that don’t know, E3 happens once a year around June to showcase all the next big hit games for the coming seasons. Often, E3 unveils entirely new games, or the very first look at different engines and a sneak peek into what’s next in gaming, whether its new gaming engines, new consoles, or just new games.
E3 is mainly closed off to the public, only allowing companies inside the gaming industry and the press to come in and see the new additions. However, recently E3 has become more public through the internet. Millions of people tuned into livestreams for various games and interviews to see what is new in gaming. Among some of those companies were Gamespot, IGN, GameInformer (AKA Gamestop), etc. So if you are interested in looking at their content for the E3, check out their individual websites.

Also, no real news on the PS4 or the Xbox 720 revealed but we will still hope! On the other hand, the Wii U was showcased again at E3 and shows some big promise, especially with Ubisoft offering up Assassin’s Creed 3 with the release of the Wii U. Exciting times friends, exciting times.

Just some highlights from E3 that were my favorite:

Dust 514 (PS3), and FTP (Free to Play) Sci-fi Shooter based in real time with the EVE Online Universe on the PC

Arma III, a new and improved engine, with lighting, big maps, new realism!

Assassin’s Creed 3. A new engine, a new world, a new assassin, and new weapons!

Geek Wallpaper Pack 2

I have a new Wallpaper Pack for you guys. This one is also a geek wallpaper pack as well. I try to pick higher quality images, but some are good enough for the average screen. I can’t find every wallpaper in 1920×1080! So anyways, here is the wallpaper pack. There is a Download Link at the bottom to a .rar file with all of them. I suggest getting them that way instead of downloading them one by one. See, I making things easier for you!


Download Link

^^Click the free download link at the above this line.

To unpack this wallpaper pack,  you need to download Winrar(32 bit) or Winrar(64 bit), a free archive maker and unzipper. It will help you in the days to come!

Disclaimer: I do not own these images. All of the rights are to the respectful authors. I merely collecting these for the enjoyment of the readers of this blog.

Geek Wallpaper Pack 1

So, I had this idea of wallpaper packs from a blog that I co-author called The Randomness Thing. Its a great blog and stuff so I figured I would start doing some wallpaper packs for you. This wallpaper pack is a collection of Geek-ish wallpapers, extending from computers/tech/gaming. If you like it, I will make more wallpaper packs like it. Enjoy the wallpapers!




Click the free download link at the bottom. I need to find a better place to save these.

To unpack this wallpaper pack,  you need to download Winrar(32 bit) or Winrar(64 bit), a free archive maker and unzipper. It will help you in the days to come!