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YouTalent #2


Today as I am sitting at the college listening to music, I have decided to post the second part of my YouTalent series. So without further ado, here she is!

Christina Grimmie started off as a ordinary teenage girl that had some talent singing and playing piano covers. Turns out, she didn’t exactly know how much talent. This girl went from a couple hundred views to thousands and eventually millions of views! She usually sings with piano accompaniment played by herself. She happens to be pretty good at listening for chords and rhythms so she usually gets pretty close on the piano. But the real reason she is a YouTube star is her voice. Christina knows her limits of her voice and has worked with it enough to know what she needs to do to get that just right vibrato or high pitch.

Now this YouTube sensation has built her own fanbase, called Team Grimmie, and has been touring with Selena Gomez. If you don’t know who Selena Gomez is, she is a Disney star that started singing career on the side. (Kinda like Demi Lovato) Christina has also released her own CD as well called Find Me with most of the songs written by her. It is an 8 track CD including her debut single “Advice” which has been on the top of the Radio Disney charts for a significantly long time.

No matter what your opinion of her is, people seem to like this new YouTube sensation that brings hope that the future of music isn’t all auto tune.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I will hopefully post the next one of this series in a week. Enjoy!

Christina Grimmie’s Official Website

Christina Grimmie’s YouTube

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