Successful in the Unsuccessful Way

I have some terrible news… I think, I am getting sick of Silverwood! Yes yes, I know, I am delusional right? Well, not exactly… If you had my reasonings, you might be sick of Silverwood too. For example:

1. Silverwood is making “record” profits this year, yet labor cuts are up across the board.
2. Since when is it fair to hire someone on one pretense and then really have them work the other pretense?
3. Since when is it right to have a supervisor who talks bad about you behind your back, lies to you, and gets overly stressed about everything?

These are just a few of the many reasons why someone like me would be getting sick of Silverwood. So I feel I need to “look a little farther” down the road and find something new. Something like Best Buy. Yes, I have officially applied at Best Buy. I might also apply at Hastings, Wal-mart, Borders, and Blockbuster. In other words, I am actively searching for a new and less demeaning job. I am tired of the carnival. I need some sanity back…

As for now, I must continue enhancing my computer with music, applications, and some much needed maintenance.

Au Revior for now…

Less with nothing

I have seemingly found my summer to be exceedingly boring. The fact of the matter is, I am a boring person. I have not much of a social life and tend to bring nothing to the party. My past couple of days have been fairly uneventful except being called in to Silverwood and going to Rina and Kim’s Bonfire. That was mildly entertaining but I was merely a bystander, watching events unfold around me while I stood and did nothing. Today was spent idling by, some of which was hours spent staring at the T.V. If you found a pulse, please tell my family that I did survive the boredom. Everyone seems to be having fun which makes me happy. Madi and her family are in Utah, enjoying a well deserved vacation. Tessie seems to be loving Utah as well since she is visiting family. Parker and Anton have family visiting and they have been out biking, exploring, and visiting our esteemed theme park Silverwood. Nevertheless, I am trying to combat the inevitable sadness that comes with not being with your significant other. Maybe if I get to do something interesting then I will not have such a hard time. I need to do something.

–Only by doing something can you create memories–

As much as I like…

As much as I would love to have the Seniors stay, I am kinda glad they are leaving. Not to be rude to them but I have a few reasons.

1. If they aren’t Seniors, then I am!
2. They have bigger and better things to go do.
3. All my (ex)Senior friends will be out of school and able to do cool things with.

I took my Economics, Computer Science, and Trig/Pre-Calc finals today. Finally over with all that. Tomorrow I have Health and History finals. Both multiple choice! Yay! They also both start with an H… Hmmm… coincidence??? I not really much of a talker today, I don’t have much to say. Just can’t wait for summer! Oh, and Madi leaves on Saturday for 2 weeks and possibly 1-3 days. That will kill me, metaphorically at least. I will miss her a lot. But until then I will have to bide my time. 😀 Smiles make the world go round. Besides, they are fun!!!

Today in the Life

Once again, it is time for moving up a grade. The end of the year, which has stressful finals and grueling study sessions. It is just that time of year. I will be a senior soon, gosh, I not sure if I want to. If I could, maybe, stay back a year; it would be great. I don’t know. I am done with school, but not done with those who are in it. My friends, many who are seniors which will leave me alone my senior year. I am going to miss them so much. Particularly Andrew, my best friend. He will be moving off to college… I going to miss him. Another is probably Anton. He will go far in life, I know it. Which means he will forget me in time. Sigh… This is extremely depressing. I know how blogs are suppose to be all related to the timeframe of when they were typed, but I must flashback to certain times with my senior friends for a moment.


Ok, so the flashback is over, I can get back on track. You are probably wondering how today went for me. To tell you the truth, it was merely ok. Waking up this morning was the hard part, and then I got to school and chatted with Mr. Wood. Went to talk to Kim and help her with Chemistry(Gosh, I hated that class), then Madi showed up.(For those of you who do not know, she is pretty much the most amazing thing on earth.)(Trust me. ;D) She was tired which made me kinda sad. I hate to see her tired. Anyways, nothing much happened for the rest of the day that was really interesting. I did, however, learn something new in Computer Science with Sabatke. Dude, that guy, is S-M-A-R-T!!!!! I don’t know how he does everything, but he does. Glad I got to talk to her, even for a little bit after school. It makes my day when I can talk to her. She is just sooo……. You get the idea. Anyways, I did a few errands after I left and then went home and just hung out. Nothing too exciting. Oh, and the whole reason I decided to make my own blog is because I read Tessie’s. She is a pretty awesome person, that I must admit.

Much more to come later, but I don’t want to make you tired with this long blog.

Your geek paradise!