HP Touchpad Android?

The title says it all. But first, a recap.

Last week, HP made an announcement saying that is no longer pursuing the tablet market after a notable poor release of their HP Touchpad featuring HP’s own operating system, WebOS. The HP tablet was comparable to the iPad on some levels, but it appears the pending Apple lawsuits against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab has HP scared. So just this last week, HP released that they would be liquidating their stocks of HP Touchpads at unheard of prices. What is unheard of you may ask? Well, you could get a tablet for as little as $99. Just one Benjamin and you could have a tablet worth $500! HP also talked with Best Buy executives, who were angry at the poor sales figures of the HP Touchpad after buying 250,000 units and only selling about 20,000 in the first few weeks. HP got Best Buy to agree to the same reduction in price and thus a boom of the tablet market this past week. Now, it is hard to find a HP Touchpad unless you look at Craigslist or Ebay, where people who were lucky to buy one at the low price are now trying to make a bit of money by selling them for more than $100.

Although HP did say that they were discontinuing the HP Touchpad pursuits, they also said that they are NOT discontinuing innovating and managing the WebOS operating system. There is still a good chance that you will have new apps appearing, even though HP doesn’t manufacture the Touchpad anymore.

Another hint of good news to those Touchpad users! A crew at CyanogenMod as successfully ported a version of the Android OS 2.3 to the Touchpad. (CNET link) So there is a possibility that you may be able to use Android instead of WebOS if you prefer. A $100 tablet, worth about $500 +the ability to change OS’s. Whoever picked one of these Touchpads up sure got lucky!

Cosmic Panda!

I recently discovered a cool new feature of Youtube that has been, hidden from the public, yet fully accessible to it. It is called Cosmic Panda. Now you are probably thinking it is a weird video similar to Nyan Cat right? That is what I thought too! But I was wrong. Cosmic Panda is a new feature of Youtube that changes how you interact with Youtube. It goes for a somewhat sleeker graphite black background as well as makes playing Playlists that you have made or other Youtubers, even easier. It allows for easier viewing of the video, without all the suggestions on the side, and shares a similar system of the “like” button on Facebook. If you want to check this new version of YouTube out, which I definitely recommend since I love sleeker stuff :D, then go to http://www.youtube.com/cosmicpanda


Ah, the great search engine giant. The “I really don’t have a clue where I am going to find someone that can teach me to play ukulele while riding backwards on a llama in Germany during Oktoberfest!” site. Google, as you probably know, has been sticking its hands into many different markets as of late. Such markets include: Internet Browsers (Google Chrome), OS’s (Chromebooks), and Mobile Phone’s (Android). Their latest attempt is thus something heroic as usual and may be quite a contender.

Google is now into Social Networking!!! Isn’t that exciting?! Say yes, or I really sound like a freak. Anyways, Google has announced Google + is now available to select participants in a closed beta. This beta is invitation only, mainly to “work out the kinks”. Sadly, I see through their scheme of “beta participants”. In reality, Google has done themselves a favor by making their social networking site exclusive. Imagine it this way: If you were walking through a mall of a bunch of stores that offered almost the exact same merchandise as all the others and one was only letting people that they had pre-picked to go in, you automatically want to be able to go into that store. Same way with social networks. If Google plays their cards right with Google +, then Facebook may become the new MySpace.

That said, I am one of those special people invited to Google+ and I must say, there is much I like about it. It’s clean and sleek, not so cluttered as Facebook looks sometimes. It’s also ad-free which is surprising for Google which makes much of its money off its AdSense ability. The ability to drag and drop friends into different circles is also a nice touch. Now I can make geeky comments to my geek friends without everyone on Facebook going, “what the hell is he talking about?”. This could also be in your favor if you don’t want family and coworkers to see those embarrassing pictures of you at the party Last Friday Night. There is many more features that are worth mentioning, but I don’t want to give out all Google+ has to offer.

Since there are very few that follow the blog, if you comment on this post, I can arrange you get an invite to what is Google+. Feel free to comment on the blog as well as subscribe on the sidebar to your right.

Portal 2

Today I have finished Portal 2, a seemingly endless game full of laughs, puzzles, emotion, sarcasm, turrets, cubes, and of course, portals. Who doesn’t like the idea of teleporting from one spot to another, using a simple gun? Apeture Laboratories, the science company that made the dual portal gun, is a genius brainchild of those brilliant minds at Valve. Apeture Science has created products that scientists gawk at today. Laser turrets has always been something do-able in this day and age, but the AI’s that Apeture has developed are simply remarkable. In Portal, the AI GLaDoS is probably one of the best AI’s ever made (save Cortana in the Halo series). Also, the invention of Propulsion Gels really intrigues me, since it does seem very possible that a simple gel could speed up certain properties of atoms. Are you listening modern day science companies, you should look into these ideas!

By far, my favorite character in the game is Wheatley, an AI core voiced by the popular actor Stephen Merchant. You may have heard Stephen in the movie Tooth Fairy starring Dwayne Johnson as the protagonist’s fairy “helper”. He is also a co-director and producer of the hit TV series, The Office. This man has comedy oozing from him faster than orange propulsion gel! Throughout the game, Wheatley’s remarks have made me laugh and cry at the same time. It’s strangely funny to see a game so radically entertaining while playing through the story. To put it in Wheatley terms, “If anyone asks, and no one will ask mind you, but if anyone asks, everyone seemed to be very much ALIVE, not dead.” To be perfectly honest, if I was to make an AI, Stephen Merchant’s voice would be used for it.

Wheatley Sound Clip

The ending of the game was a bit of a shocker, but not terribly surprising. The people at Valve really do know how to make a game storyline. I not going to go into any detail on the ending, you readers will have to play the game yourself. I am doing you a favor, you will want to see the ending, but you also need to enjoy what the game has in store for you in itself.

Anonymous- Who are they?


You may know what the word means, but this word has been one of the most searched terms on the internet for the past couple of years. Why you may ask? Well, this Anonymous isn’t just a word, its a group. This group has been responsible for a lot of DDoS (Denial of Service) attacks on government websites, given a lot of stolen information to WikiLeaks headed by Julian Assange, even going as far to crash the websites of MasterCard and VISA. This group has caused more trouble in a couple years, than many anarchist groups do in a lifetime. Here is a link to a video they released titled “What We Are Capable Of – THIS IS ANONYMOUS”.

I not saying I am a part of this group by sponsoring the video provided via YouTube. I figure this as an informative post about Anonymous, not biased in any way, shape, or form. This is what Anonymous released to the public to see what their mission was. If this should be interpreted in anyway, it should be interpreted as a documentary on what Anonymous supposedly stands for. By no means am I responsible for the content on here, neither am I sponsoring Anonymous and or their activities. Thank you.

Corning Glass

So today I was browsing through Facebook like most college kids and came across an interesting video. Do you ever wonder what it would be like in the future if everything was more slimline and made out of… glass? Well, Corning Inc. has created a video to demonstrate what the future could be like made out of glass. This future could be as soon as… 2020? It is a real eye opener to some people, and a dream come true to others. Anyways, without further adieu, here’s the video…

Geek Wallpaper Pack 1

So, I had this idea of wallpaper packs from a blog that I co-author called The Randomness Thing. Its a great blog and stuff so I figured I would start doing some wallpaper packs for you. This wallpaper pack is a collection of Geek-ish wallpapers, extending from computers/tech/gaming. If you like it, I will make more wallpaper packs like it. Enjoy the wallpapers!




Click the free download link at the bottom. I need to find a better place to save these.

To unpack this wallpaper pack,  you need to download Winrar(32 bit) or Winrar(64 bit), a free archive maker and unzipper. It will help you in the days to come!

Your geek paradise!