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YouTalent #2


Today as I am sitting at the college listening to music, I have decided to post the second part of my YouTalent series. So without further ado, here she is!

Christina Grimmie started off as a ordinary teenage girl that had some talent singing and playing piano covers. Turns out, she didn’t exactly know how much talent. This girl went from a couple hundred views to thousands and eventually millions of views! She usually sings with piano accompaniment played by herself. She happens to be pretty good at listening for chords and rhythms so she usually gets pretty close on the piano. But the real reason she is a YouTube star is her voice. Christina knows her limits of her voice and has worked with it enough to know what she needs to do to get that just right vibrato or high pitch.

Now this YouTube sensation has built her own fanbase, called Team Grimmie, and has been touring with Selena Gomez. If you don’t know who Selena Gomez is, she is a Disney star that started singing career on the side. (Kinda like Demi Lovato) Christina has also released her own CD as well called Find Me with most of the songs written by her. It is an 8 track CD including her debut single “Advice” which has been on the top of the Radio Disney charts for a significantly long time.

No matter what your opinion of her is, people seem to like this new YouTube sensation that brings hope that the future of music isn’t all auto tune.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I will hopefully post the next one of this series in a week. Enjoy!

Christina Grimmie’s Official Website

Christina Grimmie’s YouTube

Christina Grimmie’s Facebook

YouTalent! #1

Hey there!

So I have been thinking of new ideas for my blog and I have thought up an extraordinary one! This idea came from my random obsession of watching YouTube videos in the middle of the night cause I can’t sleep. Anyways, I came up with a series called YouTalent! This series will be all about the amazing talent displayed on YouTube. There are so many people that have unique and wonderful talents that no one knows about. So without further ado, here is your 1st talented YouTuber!

There was so many to choose from, but I must say Tyler Ward is freaking awesome when it comes to singing! He is a musician that does covers of many songs but he has written a few originals as well. He has a studio and is really passionate about what he does. Lucky for you, he will also be featured in a couple other YouTalent videos, just because he is so awesome. Anyways, a clip of Tyler Ward himself. You can check out his Facebook Fanpage >> HERE! Or his own website >> THERE! And of course subscribe to his YouTube page!

Check it out people! This is good stuff here!

This is a cover of popular singer/actress Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper. If you don’t like this version, then you just don’t like the song.

This is a cover of How to Love sung with the lovely Christina Grimmie. She will be featured in the next post of the series. HINT!

Cosmic Panda!

I recently discovered a cool new feature of Youtube that has been, hidden from the public, yet fully accessible to it. It is called Cosmic Panda. Now you are probably thinking it is a weird video similar to Nyan Cat right? That is what I thought too! But I was wrong. Cosmic Panda is a new feature of Youtube that changes how you interact with Youtube. It goes for a somewhat sleeker graphite black background as well as makes playing Playlists that you have made or other Youtubers, even easier. It allows for easier viewing of the video, without all the suggestions on the side, and shares a similar system of the “like” button on Facebook. If you want to check this new version of YouTube out, which I definitely recommend since I love sleeker stuff :D, then go to¬†

Anonymous- Who are they?


You may know what the word means, but this word has been one of the most searched terms on the internet for the past couple of years. Why you may ask? Well, this Anonymous isn’t just a word, its a group. This group has been responsible for a lot of DDoS (Denial of Service) attacks on government websites, given a lot of stolen information to WikiLeaks headed by Julian Assange, even going as far to crash the websites of MasterCard and VISA. This group has caused more trouble in a couple years, than many anarchist groups do in a lifetime. Here is a link to a video they released titled “What We Are Capable Of – THIS IS ANONYMOUS”.

I not saying I am a part of this group by sponsoring the video provided via YouTube. I figure this as an informative post about Anonymous, not biased in any way, shape, or form. This is what Anonymous released to the public to see what their mission was. If this should be interpreted in anyway, it should be interpreted as a documentary on what Anonymous supposedly stands for. By no means am I responsible for the content on here, neither am I sponsoring Anonymous and or their activities. Thank you.

Corning Glass

So today I was browsing through Facebook like most college kids and came across an interesting video. Do you ever wonder what it would be like in the future if everything was more slimline and made out of… glass? Well, Corning Inc. has created a video to demonstrate what the future could be like made out of glass. This future could be as soon as… 2020? It is a real eye opener to some people, and a dream come true to others. Anyways, without further¬†adieu, here’s the video…

World Disaster

Tsunami stricken Sendai, Japan

Well, many of you many know that recently Japan was struck by a magnitude 8.9 earthquake just off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture in Northeastern Nippon. The earthquake was offshore about 10 km from the coast and rippled the whole island country. Many cities and villages were heavily damaged from the quake. Not moments afterwards, tsunamis some ranging to 15 meters in height(approximately 45 feet tall), ravaged the already crippled towns and villages of Japan that lied along the coast.

The towns of Sendai and Rikuzentakata were hit the hardest, with much of their infrastructure and buildings washed away. Approximately 24,000 people live in Rikuzentakata and about 18,000 of them are currently missing. Sendai also has a large majority of people missing, up to at least 66% of Sendai’s population. Also, four bullet trains have completely disappeared with many believing the worst. The quake happened at a time of day where these trains would have been packed with passengers. As of today, the confirmed death toll is at around 2,800 people, but that number is expected to rise above 10,000. The more southern cities of Tokyo and Kyoto are still secure and relatively unharmed, but business has slowed due to this crisis.

As if the earthquake and tsunami’s weren’t enough, it is said that the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant’s three reactors have suffered much damage, cutting of electricity and resources to deliver coolant to the reactors. Reactor 1 has suffered a hydrogen explosion, blowing the roof off the secondary containment vessel of that reactor and is slightly giving off radiation. Reactor 3 has also suffered a similar explosion and is attempted to be cooled by flooding the reactor with seawater. A new development today, however, is a third explosion from the 2nd Reactor where it seems that the explosion has exposed around 2.7 meters of the Uranium fuel rod which is leaking out radiation from the irradiated coolant water. This could be a “worse case scenario” according to NHK, a Japanese News Corporation.

Japan couldn’t be in much more of a horrendous state. They need help. If you would like to help, please donate money to your humanitarian aid organizations like the American Red Cross. Also, I would like to direct you to a YouTube friend of mine who runs a band called the Ghost of Matsubara and check out his latest YouTube video where he is selling T-shirts labeled Supporting Japan and 15 dollars of that money is sent to the Red Cross for use in Japan, but possibly in Christ Church and Haiti as well.

If anything, just keep Japan in your hearts and minds or prayers, and help give hope to Japanese people who are suffering right now. They could always use a prayer or two.