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New Places, New Things

Wow, time sure flies when you have stuff to do. Anyways, sorry for my recent hiatus from my blog here. However, I do have a few announcements for you.

1. I am very happy to say that I am now a forum moderator for YouTube’s PCMichiana Tech Help Show. Craig Chamberlin, has been an IT guy for many years and knows his way around the Windows OS more ways than you can count. I would definitely suggest you check his channel out, or better yet, go to his website and find him and me on his community forum. Whether you have a tech help question, or just want to chat, we will be happy to have you on the community forums.

2. Many of you may not have heard of the online game World of Tanks. That’s okay, it hasn’t been that popular, besides the fact that it was voted the 2nd best Free 2 Play by the Golden Joystick Awards. That doesn’t impress you… oh, okay, well then you just are playing hard to get. I suggest you take a look at this game though, it is definitely very addictive (might put up a game review of it soon) and keeps getting updated every other month it seems. Anyways, the point of this paragraph is to tell you that my clan that I have joined on WoT (1st WWPD Panzer Division) has been very busy with adding new ideas and branching out to be more of a significant clan, hoping to be up with AOD (Angels of Death) eventually. WWPD is a website/community for Flames of War players. Many of WWPD clan in World of Tanks also play Flames of War, Warhammer, and other table top miniature games. I would definitely check out WWPD’s website and see what they have to offer. So I have been helping with organizing and competing in Company Battles to gain competitive skill.

3. Still on the World of Tanks tangent, I have also been helping out my Clan Leader Darqueling who puts out Let’s Play Videos on YouTube with his audience questions and advising him on some ways to do his video series. He does great Let’s Plays and I sometimes am featured in some of his videos. Anyways, I would like you to check him out at his channel!

Anyways, that is a few things that I am working on. I, myself, am also working on a few secret projects on the side, so keep a watch on this blog.

Life in a box

Okay, so a quick little blurb about life so far…

It has been a pretty good couple of weeks lately and here are a couple of reasons why…

– Went to Boise with the Basketball Pep Band to play for the Girls Basketball Team! They were so close to winning!!!! Good Job Timberlake Girls!

– I have recently fallen into a relationship with a very nice girl. I glad I found her and hope to spend a lot more time with her.

– I have also seen two plays in the past few days called Crimes of the Heart and The Little Mermaid. Crimes of the Heart was good in its own way, but definitely not the type of play I am used to. The Little Mermaid, performed by CYT, was amazing and always makes me want to be a drama kid. Sadly, I never had time to do drama…

– Oh, I have gotten accepted into the University of Advancing Technology in Arizona as well as the University of Idaho in well, IDAHO! Woot for being accepted! Still debating where I should go but I leaning to U of I. At least a lot of good people I know will be going there. I coming Anton! lol

– By the way, if I haven’t said this already and you are one of the lucky people that read this, then I have to say I love all my friends and I hope you are with me forever! Well, at least a really long time! Glad you guys & GALS are in my life! Woot for being loved!!!!

Anyways, my small measly update to this sad blog.



So I totally forgot about my blog for awhile. Sorry people who watch my blog, ahem, Tessie! This happens alot with me and I don’t know why so I apologize if you miss my blogging.

Moving along… Yesterday was The Battle of the Buck for my high school and sadly, we lost. We did well on everything, but we lost somehow. I don’t know why, I think the judges were kinda biased on the decision but what can we do? It was fun though and I had a blast, even though I almost didn’t make there on time! (I kinda fell asleep.) Hopefully a few certain people will post their pictures of the event online and I will post them here or on Picasa or Flikr or…. somewhere! Anyways, such a cool event.

Well, just this last week the college semester started which means more schoolwork for me. I really enjoyed the month off but I kinda glad that I have something to do again. It does get a little boring being bored all the time! The courses I am taking are: Mythology, NIC Wind Symphony, Trumpet Lessons, Finite Math, and Travel Skills : Asia (however, this got canceled Wed. because there was not enough people in the class). Still, kinda looking forward to this semester as well as ending first semester at the high school since finals are next week. Not that I have really any to do since I only have two classes and neither have finals. Woohoo!


Sorry, had to do something to get your attention. I will be starting to use this blog more since I need to get online to do my schoolwork so there SHOULD be more updates… I also will start posting interesting things I have found online to just add a new spin to the blog. These could be:
  • Youtube videos (comedy, anime, music videos, OVA’s, etc.)
  • Other blogs (There are some very neat blogs out there. =D )
  • News Articles (Most will be about technology and stuff but I could mix it up)
  • Interesting Apps or Downloads (I am a geek, don’t harsh my mellow… lol)
  • Wallpapers/Pictures (Something to pretty up those dull desktops…) 
So, keep updated on the blog by adding me as a fellow blogger on Blogger or add me to your favorites/bookmarks. Just don’t do nothing!

Alright, this is enough for now to keep you updated. I must fix my “enter” key. Ciao!