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After E3 (June 2012)

As many of you know, this week has been one of the most interesting weeks for gaming in the world. Gamers around the world watched intently at livestreams of the game conference known as E3. For those that don’t know, E3 happens once a year around June to showcase all the next big hit games for the coming seasons. Often, E3 unveils entirely new games, or the very first look at different engines and a sneak peek into what’s next in gaming, whether its new gaming engines, new consoles, or just new games.
E3 is mainly closed off to the public, only allowing companies inside the gaming industry and the press to come in and see the new additions. However, recently E3 has become more public through the internet. Millions of people tuned into livestreams for various games and interviews to see what is new in gaming. Among some of those companies were Gamespot, IGN, GameInformer (AKA Gamestop), etc. So if you are interested in looking at their content for the E3, check out their individual websites.

Also, no real news on the PS4 or the Xbox 720 revealed but we will still hope! On the other hand, the Wii U was showcased again at E3 and shows some big promise, especially with Ubisoft offering up Assassin’s Creed 3 with the release of the Wii U. Exciting times friends, exciting times.

Just some highlights from E3 that were my favorite:

Dust 514 (PS3), and FTP (Free to Play) Sci-fi Shooter based in real time with the EVE Online Universe on the PC

Arma III, a new and improved engine, with lighting, big maps, new realism!

Assassin’s Creed 3. A new engine, a new world, a new assassin, and new weapons!

Amagami SS

For all those anime lovers out there, I will be doing anime reviews as well!

Alright, so I had the pleasure to watch one of the best animes of 2010 by watching Amagami SS. If you have watched Clannad, it is very similar. If not, well its one of those romance animes with little to no ecchi. Instead, Amagami is more about developing the story of the character. It does differ from most romance animes in that instead of one long story about one boy and one girl, it splits itself into arcs with each arc containing the story of how the one boy got together with that girl. So that feeling you get when the guy falls for the wrong girl, well that is no longer a possibility. Each arc is split into 4 episodes with an exception to the last arc. (It’s kinda a surprise arc!) There are 7 arcs including the additional one at the end making it a 25 episode series. I will go into the arcs just a little bit to help give you an understanding.

Well, the anime is about romance but you need a bit of back story. You see, the main character you will be following is Junichi Tachibana, a “high school” student in class 2A. The anime takes place two years after he was stood up for a date on Christmas Eve (OUCH!). Ever since, he has completely blindsided love, til he starts to notice a few girls and starts gaining hope. Woot! Go Junichi!!!

The music is top notch! Not too distracting and it blends so well into the feel of the scene. Also, each arc has a different ending featuring that arc’s main actress! The opening for the first half of the episodes is sung by Azusa and is pretty much amazing! The opening second half is also sung by Azusa (go figure) and is just as awesome!

Arc 1
Heroine/Lover: Haruka Morishima

Well, Morishima Sempai is quite the eccentric girl. She is actually a year ahead of Tachibana-kun so it does make for an awkward relationship(girl older than boy). She is very outspoken and outgoing, as well as extremely attractive! It is unclear how many males have confessed to her but I am sure it is well over 100.

The ending to this arc is quite sweet so if you can sit through some of the awkward moments, it will definitely not disappoint.

Arc 2
Heroine/Lover: Kaoru Tanamachi

Kaoru Tanamachi is that one girl that you are unsure if she is flirting with you or if you have just been friends with too long. She definitely gives a tom-boy feel to her but she is still a girl nonetheless. She and Junichi have been friends since middle school but they never really thought of each other as a couple in a sense. She herself ends up becoming conflicted as to whether she really does like Junichi or if it is just them being friendly. A good arc for those that can relate (have that one friend that you wish would like you more than a friend…).

This arc is also very romantic at the end. The music really fits the scene. Hope you enjoy! ^_^

Arc 3
Heroine/Lover: Sae Nakata

Sae Nakata is a freshman at the high school where Junichi goes to. Coincidentally, Sae-chan also ends up being his little sister Miya’s best friend. Sae-chan is a very shy girl, in fact, so much she can barely say two words to someone she doesn’t really know. Junichi ends up helping her on this, ends up being how they start to like each other. Very shy about love, she definitely seems like the hardest to really know about. She is however very cute and complimented on her… shall we say… bust alot? Japan has really no shame sometimes… lol.

Very cute arc, mainly cause Sae-chan is sooo shy.

Arc 4
Heroine/Lover: Nanasaki Ai

Probably my favorite heroine ever! Ai-chan is also a freshman at the high school where Junichi goes to and also coincidentally is friends with Miya. Ai-chan is very confusing at first because she portrays this “don’t touch me or I will **** you up” sort of persona. But as the anime progresses, she is more a kind person than most. She is on the swim team, trying to be the best for Hibiki Tsukahara (the swim team captain). She may seem to be mean at first but she definitely grows on you.

Probably the best arc ever! The ending scene seems a little ecchi but its Japanese so what are you going to do? Still I love the story. Classic boy supports emotional girl arc. Probably one I can relate to the most.

Arc 5
Heroine/Lover: Sakura Rihoko

Sakurai Rihoko is one of those characters that seems like they should but also shouldn’t get the guy. She is very clumsy and has this obsession with food. She does really like Junichi and has best intentions in mind but is so worried about her food habits and is way to shy to say anything. She is probably is that one friend that will always remain as a friend. She is a pretty great character in mind, definitely gives hope to those whose attractiveness isn’t their best quality.

Rihoko does make things more awkward than they should be but she is cute in the way she tries so hard at things and then forgets about it. This arc ends differently which kinda surprised me, but I will leave it at that.

Arc 6
Heroine/Lover: Tsukasa Ayatsuji

Ayatsuji is that one girl that does everything. I mean “everything”! She is the advent scholar, the class representative, and even volunteers for the chairperson for the Christmas event committee. How much more involved can you get? She is a very tricky girl to figure out, since she seems very sweet on the outside but there seems to be a much more of an aggressive side to her if she shows it. Seems like she has split personalities at times but also seems to have the most problems. Hmmm… maybe its related to how much you do…? Anyways, she sometimes seems to be a role model for most and has very good intentions in mind. Touchy though.

This arc confused me the most, but after working through it, it was much easier to get and I enjoyed it all too well! Probably my second favorite arc. ^ – ^

Arc 7

Since this is sort of the one episode arc, you will have to learn it all yourself by watching it. It does relate to all the arcs though so it is a definite watch.

By far, one of the best anime’s of 2010 and it goes probably 2nd in my all time favorites. Don’t be afraid to watch it cause its a romance anime, it has some comedy thrown in and it isn’t as unlikely as most animes (fantasy-wise). You will be hooked though! Enjoy Amagamii SS people!