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After E3 (June 2012)

As many of you know, this week has been one of the most interesting weeks for gaming in the world. Gamers around the world watched intently at livestreams of the game conference known as E3. For those that don’t know, E3 happens once a year around June to showcase all the next big hit games for the coming seasons. Often, E3 unveils entirely new games, or the very first look at different engines and a sneak peek into what’s next in gaming, whether its new gaming engines, new consoles, or just new games.
E3 is mainly closed off to the public, only allowing companies inside the gaming industry and the press to come in and see the new additions. However, recently E3 has become more public through the internet. Millions of people tuned into livestreams for various games and interviews to see what is new in gaming. Among some of those companies were Gamespot, IGN, GameInformer (AKA Gamestop), etc. So if you are interested in looking at their content for the E3, check out their individual websites.

Also, no real news on the PS4 or the Xbox 720 revealed but we will still hope! On the other hand, the Wii U was showcased again at E3 and shows some big promise, especially with Ubisoft offering up Assassin’s Creed 3 with the release of the Wii U. Exciting times friends, exciting times.

Just some highlights from E3 that were my favorite:

Dust 514 (PS3), and FTP (Free to Play) Sci-fi Shooter based in real time with the EVE Online Universe on the PC

Arma III, a new and improved engine, with lighting, big maps, new realism!

Assassin’s Creed 3. A new engine, a new world, a new assassin, and new weapons!


Ah, the great search engine giant. The “I really don’t have a clue where I am going to find someone that can teach me to play ukulele while riding backwards on a llama in Germany during Oktoberfest!” site. Google, as you probably know, has been sticking its hands into many different markets as of late. Such markets include: Internet Browsers (Google Chrome), OS’s (Chromebooks), and Mobile Phone’s (Android). Their latest attempt is thus something heroic as usual and may be quite a contender.

Google is now into Social Networking!!! Isn’t that exciting?! Say yes, or I really sound like a freak. Anyways, Google has announced Google + is now available to select participants in a closed beta. This beta is invitation only, mainly to “work out the kinks”. Sadly, I see through their scheme of “beta participants”. In reality, Google has done themselves a favor by making their social networking site exclusive. Imagine it this way: If you were walking through a mall of a bunch of stores that offered almost the exact same merchandise as all the others and one was only letting people that they had pre-picked to go in, you automatically want to be able to go into that store. Same way with social networks. If Google plays their cards right with Google +, then Facebook may become the new MySpace.

That said, I am one of those special people invited to Google+ and I must say, there is much I like about it. It’s clean and sleek, not so cluttered as Facebook looks sometimes. It’s also ad-free which is surprising for Google which makes much of its money off its AdSense ability. The ability to drag and drop friends into different circles is also a nice touch. Now I can make geeky comments to my geek friends without everyone on Facebook going, “what the hell is he talking about?”. This could also be in your favor if you don’t want family and coworkers to see those embarrassing pictures of you at the party Last Friday Night. There is many more features that are worth mentioning, but I don’t want to give out all Google+ has to offer.

Since there are very few that follow the blog, if you comment on this post, I can arrange you get an invite to what is Google+. Feel free to comment on the blog as well as subscribe on the sidebar to your right.

Corning Glass

So today I was browsing through Facebook like most college kids and came across an interesting video. Do you ever wonder what it would be like in the future if everything was more slimline and made out of… glass? Well, Corning Inc. has created a video to demonstrate what the future could be like made out of glass. This future could be as soon as… 2020? It is a real eye opener to some people, and a dream come true to others. Anyways, without further adieu, here’s the video…

Microsoft vs. Apple (Graphics War)

Once again, it seems that the two software giants Apple and Microsoft cannot agree on something. Gasp! Its sooooo surprising. The disagreement this time? WebGL.

Now if you don’t know anything about WebGL then you are in luck, I will explain a little bit about it to you. If you are following this already, then you probably already know why I am posting about it. You see, WebGL was originally created by Mozilla who creates the most used web browser to date, Mozilla Firefox. WebGL, which stands for Web-based Graphics Library, is a software library that enhances the ability of the Javascript programming language to interact, generate, and display 3D graphics. The greatest fact, is that WebGL graphics allow the graphics to be displayed without the use of plug-ins and extensions. If I could only count the number of plug-ins my Firefox has already!! The only drawback is, your web browser has to be compatible. Firefox, since developed by Mozilla, is already compatible with the experimental version of WebGL.

Now the argument? Its simple. Recently Microsoft released that it doesn’t support the WebGL graphic standard as it is now due to security issues. As long as WebGL has these supposed vulnerabilities, Microsoft will not support it as a Web standard. Its just too risky they say, which acknowledging the recent LulzSec and Anonymous hackers who are getting worldwide media attention, doesn’t seem to be a bad take on it. On the otherside, you have Apple who announced today that it does support WebGL and has signed up for WebGL for iAds. iAds are very flashy and interactive Ads that have recently been incorporated into the iPhone OS interface. So those of you with iPhones, prepare for your ads to really sparkle at this next iPhone OS update! Yay ADS! >.>

Here are the links to Microsoft’s and Apple’s news releases on CNet:

Apple’s News Release

Microsoft’s News Release





QR Codes… uh what??

These last couple years have shown tremendous improvements in technology. From TV’s to gaming and computers. But one area that has boomed more than the rest in the last couple years is Mobile Market. I am talking about the Smartphone revolution. Many of you many have a Smartphone right now, Android, Iphone, or Blackberry. But many of you don’t know how to use your smartphone to its full potential. You may have noticed these little square things  that look like an arrangement of tiny boxes on newspapers, online websites, and recently real estate signs.

I have a video here of my friend Nick Smoot, giving you the lowdown on things QR and showing how big of a industry Mobile devices really are…

Mozilla Firefox RC 1

So Mozilla has recently released their “Release Candidate” for Firefox 4.0. Though this is what it tentatively will be like, there is still a few bugs to be worked out, but it is now available for download.

Since many of you now use Firefox for your browsing needs, some use chrome still and sadly, IE8 or IE7, I figured I would give you a list of a few helpful or handy add-ons to add to Firefox to make it safer, faster, or give a much better experience overall.

    1. Adblock Plus– This handy add-on refers to a continually update list for different ads that run on the web. If it finds one of these ads, it will run a script to block it. Simple as that. Very nice because ads will slow down your internet considerably. Besides, they are annoying.
    2. Download Helper– A tool that allows you to download most videos off sites like Youtube, MySpace, Dailymotion, etc. It keeps them in a folder usually in your My Documents and is useful if you want to listen to your favorite songs or vids offline.
    3. Foxy Proxy– An add-on that switches your internet proxy when you get online by analyzing URL patterns. You can adjust it to use a certain proxy if you want to, but the easiest is to let it do it for you. This keeps your identity safer and harder for people to track you.

Now these are just a few of the thousands of add-ons that Mozilla Firefox offers, so if you are looking for a way to spice up your Firefox or make things easier, head to Mozilla’s Add-on Center. All add-ons are free, due to a license by Mozilla, however, many ask for donations. You are not by any means required to do this.

Anyways, I will keep you updated on Mozilla and when Firefox finally releases the real 4.0.

Cheerio, TTFN!