Name: Dustin Moses

Birthday: June 3rd 1993

Online ID: Kazuki, Kaz, Ichi-san

Gamer Tags: PSN(Deadlyspear), WoT(Ka_zu_ki)

Hobbies: Graphic Design, Photography, Computer Management, Programming, Golfing, “Hanging out”, Gaming, Blogging, be a Japan addict!

Anime Preferences: Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life, Action, Supernatural.

Music Preferences: Pop, Acoustic, Alternative, Rock, JPOP, KPOP.

What Else Do You Do?: Member/Media director of I.D.L.E(Idaho LAN Extremists), Co-Author of TRT(The Randomness Thing), BPA(Business Professionals of America) Member, NIC Wind Symphony(French Horn/Trumpet). More too list, but I can’t think of them at the moment.

Contact Me?:

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