Fluke/Dragon Age Ultimate

Well, I guess my question for the readers blog post was a fluke. I got no answers from anyone at all. I feel unloved, which isn’t uncommon for a nerd. Despite this unlove, the blog will go on!

I recently bought Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition for my PS3 at home. Now I not an Xbox hater, but I have been a Sony fan for awhile. Anyways, the game pretty much starts out with 6 different origin stories of your character. Before anything happens, you develop your character, somewhat like Oblivion/Fallout. The only difference is that it is based more on the Dungeons and Dragons game that has been so very popular with nerd culture. You get to pick from only 3 races, which is disappointing but not a game killer. You have human, elf, and dwarf which doesn’t surprise me one bit. You then get to pick your class of character, which if you were a dwarf, you would probably pick the warrior class, or an elf would be more towards the rogue class. Nevertheless, I started the game as a Dalish Elf which had broken away from slavery by the humans and created strong nomadic clans in the wilderness. As I played through the game, and got used to the controls, I found myself going through a lot of cutscenes. After about 4 hrs of gameplay, I decided I would switch PS3’s since I was playing on my Dad’s one that had the bigger TV. Turns out that Bioware fails and copy-protected their save game data so you can’t switch it to another game console. What gives?!

Once again, I find myself wandering around as a different character while I wait anxiously to play as my Dalish Elf again…

For your information, the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age features all DLC content for the game. That is 7 DLC packs worth up to $50 separate! So if you can afford to get the Ultimate Edition, do it! You will thank me later. 😀

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