World Disaster

Tsunami stricken Sendai, Japan

Well, many of you many know that recently Japan was struck by a magnitude 8.9 earthquake just off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture in Northeastern Nippon. The earthquake was offshore about 10 km from the coast and rippled the whole island country. Many cities and villages were heavily damaged from the quake. Not moments afterwards, tsunamis some ranging to 15 meters in height(approximately 45 feet tall), ravaged the already crippled towns and villages of Japan that lied along the coast.

The towns of Sendai and Rikuzentakata were hit the hardest, with much of their infrastructure and buildings washed away. Approximately 24,000 people live in Rikuzentakata and about 18,000 of them are currently missing. Sendai also has a large majority of people missing, up to at least 66% of Sendai’s population. Also, four bullet trains have completely disappeared with many believing the worst. The quake happened at a time of day where these trains would have been packed with passengers. As of today, the confirmed death toll is at around 2,800 people, but that number is expected to rise above 10,000. The more southern cities of Tokyo and Kyoto are still secure and relatively unharmed, but business has slowed due to this crisis.

As if the earthquake and tsunami’s weren’t enough, it is said that the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant’s three reactors have suffered much damage, cutting of electricity and resources to deliver coolant to the reactors. Reactor 1 has suffered a hydrogen explosion, blowing the roof off the secondary containment vessel of that reactor and is slightly giving off radiation. Reactor 3 has also suffered a similar explosion and is attempted to be cooled by flooding the reactor with seawater. A new development today, however, is a third explosion from the 2nd Reactor where it seems that the explosion has exposed around 2.7 meters of the Uranium fuel rod which is leaking out radiation from the irradiated coolant water. This could be a “worse case scenario” according to NHK, a Japanese News Corporation.

Japan couldn’t be in much more of a horrendous state. They need help. If you would like to help, please donate money to your humanitarian aid organizations like the American Red Cross. Also, I would like to direct you to a YouTube friend of mine who runs a band called the Ghost of Matsubara and check out his latest YouTube video where he is selling T-shirts labeled Supporting Japan and 15 dollars of that money is sent to the Red Cross for use in Japan, but possibly in Christ Church and Haiti as well.

If anything, just keep Japan in your hearts and minds or prayers, and help give hope to Japanese people who are suffering right now. They could always use a prayer or two.

3 thoughts on “World Disaster”

  1. I too have been following this event. If there are any investors out there following this blog, or even this crisis, I'd recommend purchasing Japanese stock right now while it's down! Quite a money maker right now, take advantage of it while they are selling!

    Side Note: I know this is horrible and all, but in reality the problem could be a lot worse. I'm more interested in what happens to Dai Chi, the Nuclear plant. If that goes wrong like Chernobyl, then that's something we will all need to help with.

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