Life in a box

Okay, so a quick little blurb about life so far…

It has been a pretty good couple of weeks lately and here are a couple of reasons why…

– Went to Boise with the Basketball Pep Band to play for the Girls Basketball Team! They were so close to winning!!!! Good Job Timberlake Girls!

– I have recently fallen into a relationship with a very nice girl. I glad I found her and hope to spend a lot more time with her.

– I have also seen two plays in the past few days called Crimes of the Heart and The Little Mermaid. Crimes of the Heart was good in its own way, but definitely not the type of play I am used to. The Little Mermaid, performed by CYT, was amazing and always makes me want to be a drama kid. Sadly, I never had time to do drama…

– Oh, I have gotten accepted into the University of Advancing Technology in Arizona as well as the University of Idaho in well, IDAHO! Woot for being accepted! Still debating where I should go but I leaning to U of I. At least a lot of good people I know will be going there. I coming Anton! lol

– By the way, if I haven’t said this already and you are one of the lucky people that read this, then I have to say I love all my friends and I hope you are with me forever! Well, at least a really long time! Glad you guys & GALS are in my life! Woot for being loved!!!!

Anyways, my small measly update to this sad blog.


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