So I totally forgot about my blog for awhile. Sorry people who watch my blog, ahem, Tessie! This happens alot with me and I don’t know why so I apologize if you miss my blogging.

Moving along… Yesterday was The Battle of the Buck for my high school and sadly, we lost. We did well on everything, but we lost somehow. I don’t know why, I think the judges were kinda biased on the decision but what can we do? It was fun though and I had a blast, even though I almost didn’t make there on time! (I kinda fell asleep.) Hopefully a few certain people will post their pictures of the event online and I will post them here or on Picasa or Flikr or…. somewhere! Anyways, such a cool event.

Well, just this last week the college semester started which means more schoolwork for me. I really enjoyed the month off but I kinda glad that I have something to do again. It does get a little boring being bored all the time! The courses I am taking are: Mythology, NIC Wind Symphony, Trumpet Lessons, Finite Math, and Travel Skills : Asia (however, this got canceled Wed. because there was not enough people in the class). Still, kinda looking forward to this semester as well as ending first semester at the high school since finals are next week. Not that I have really any to do since I only have two classes and neither have finals. Woohoo!


Sorry, had to do something to get your attention. I will be starting to use this blog more since I need to get online to do my schoolwork so there SHOULD be more updates… I also will start posting interesting things I have found online to just add a new spin to the blog. These could be:
  • Youtube videos (comedy, anime, music videos, OVA’s, etc.)
  • Other blogs (There are some very neat blogs out there. =D )
  • News Articles (Most will be about technology and stuff but I could mix it up)
  • Interesting Apps or Downloads (I am a geek, don’t harsh my mellow… lol)
  • Wallpapers/Pictures (Something to pretty up those dull desktops…) 
So, keep updated on the blog by adding me as a fellow blogger on Blogger or add me to your favorites/bookmarks. Just don’t do nothing!

Alright, this is enough for now to keep you updated. I must fix my “enter” key. Ciao! 

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