Refresh me please

Well, I guess it is time for a update in my blog. I have actually been putting off my blog for quite awhile. (About a week and a half…) The truth is, I really don’t know what to blog about. There is so many things I can talk about, but I not sure if I can find one that I really strongly feel for. No real big events that I have participated in or anything. Its not that my life is boring, its just I can’t decide. So, this post will probably be a bunch of ramblings, but at least it is something.

Well, I guess I should start off with my mood. My mood tonight is… complacent. I am content with life right now I guess. No real huge problems, but nothing big and exciting. Do you ever have those moods where everything is going normally but it seems like something is missing? Well, I don’t know what is missing but I pretty sure something is. I mean, its that one thing, that one little thing that would make everything better. But, I not sure what that is. I know of a few possibilities, but none of those would probably happen. Hmmm….

Music seems to be my thing lately. I love it, its my drug. It lessens pain, soothes you when you stressed, gets you pumped when you need it, or gives you that message not to give up. 


This is one of the songs I have been listening to lately. You may not know them, but they are an awesome Christian band. If you have ever seen the Veggietales and heard the “we are the pirates who don’t do anything” song, they are the ones that made that song.

Most of the people in all my classes were gone today due to the Whitworth play. I really wish I could have gone, however, my biology lab happens to be at 1-4 on Thursdays. Bad timing for Whitworth! 😛 Anyways, it sounds like all my friends that went really enjoyed the play as well as the bus ride. I wish I could be with you guys, I really do.

Friends. Its a big topic. I not sure whether I am finding more, people are being more accepting, or people just finally telling me that I am their friend. But in any case, it is nice to know that there are people that are friends and care. Even though a lot of my so called facebook friends, would not call me a friend, i still know there are a few that consider themselves “lucky” to know me. I really would like to keep all my friends I can that will choose me as a friend or someone to hang out with. I really value all those people. Thank you.

Well, I guess this is enough for now. I hopefully will start posting semi-regularly again. Until then, I wish you all a Happy Halloween!

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