So this one day.

So today was half decent, half crazy, half stress, half relaxing all at once!!! (I know the halves, there are 4 of them, don’t really add up. lol) I guess you probably want to know why…

For the half decent part…
I got up today a little late, didn’t even get to shampoo my hair in the shower making it all… yeah, but I helped my mom get a program installed on her computer before school. She got Adobe Photoshop CS5 for $199.00 because of my student discount I can only use once a year at Adobe. I figure she will enjoy it more than I will, and save her money. I then helped her install it on her computer this morning cause I am a nerd at things computer related. So, even though I was late to Jazz this morning, I felt pretty good about myself. 🙂

For the half crazy part…
I kept finding weird strange occurrences at school that related to some dream I had a few weeks ago. Certain posters on the wall, certain people in the hall, and a few conversations I had. Do you ever have the Deja Vu feeling??? Yeah, well, I felt it big time. Try telling that to Rogers… lol. (I T.A. for him unofficially! ;D shhh!!! Don’t tell!)

For the half stress part…
Well, getting to school late is stressful in itself cause teachers are usually not very happy with you. Sorry Mr. Wood! But that is not the worst part. I had two tests to do today, one in Government (I got a 90, all cause of that stupid double negative question… er!) and one in Biology. So I spent most of my T.A. time with Rogers studying for my exam at 2 which to my surprise (and anger), wasn’t on what the website said to study. Talk about taking a test completely unprepared. Ah! (Rips hair out!!!) Then I had to go to Gamestop on Ironwood to hand in an application. It is so stressful waiting to hear if you are hired or not. lol. By the way, don’t go into Hayden @ 3:30pm unless you want to die. Traffic Jams like crazy, you can’t turn into the business you want cause a guy speeds up, flips you off, and honks his horn at you cause you are obviously the reason for all the stress in his life. Er, some people really irk me. This may be a little rant, but you can’t just go and take out all your stress or anger from so many different sources and channel it at a person who has done practically nothing wrong to you or to anyone you really know. It just ruins their day and you still don’t feel any happier cause you did. Solution? Don’t do it!!! Geez, people ARE rude these days. What happened to etiquette and manners or this thing called chivalry?? Something that this world is losing track of is the respect of others, especially people you have not gotten to know. Okay, rant is over.
Last but not least, the half relaxing part…
I guess it may not be half, but I spent the rest of the day listening to music, playing video games (I was bored), and reading. And if you try to tell me reading isn’t relaxing, you are crazy. I love to read, I just never have the time to anymore. It seems like the world is piling more and more stuff on your plate until you are full, then moves onto dessert. At least the day ended not too badly.

Anyways, I have probably wrote enough for today. Definitely enough to satisfy my need for a creative spark or two. But before I go, I have a couple shoutouts.

To Tessie and Dan, the only two people who really read my blogs. Thank you so much for reading and even more for the input. You two are the best. My best wishes to your relationship!!! 😀

To several friends I have been texting the past few days. You guys and gals have really brightened my mood when I was down. Thank you.

Well, I guess that is all for me. So long and I will write again soon.

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