College, the new Frontier

So today I was thinking about how I really don’t have much attaching me to high school anymore. Every single day I am enrolled in college, I feel a touch less in touch with high school and more with college. Its strange, I don’t want to lose all my high school friends. They are often times my life. But the high school isn’t offering me much anymore, in fact, I barely need to be there except to get my diploma. What point is there in staying for that?

But alas, I must convey again how much my friends mean to me. Very few even know I have a blog, and even fewer read it. If you are one of my friends reading this, then I hope you know you are very influential in my life and I will miss you when we part. Sadly, it will happen, but hopefully not for awhile yet.

Do you feel like you could just convey your feelings to the world without anyone even paying attention? Its not a very good feeling, in fact, it makes it really difficult to focus. I just want to tell someone, something. Now that my life has changed, I feel that I am losing touch with everyone. Its so strange. I not sure half the time what is going through my mind. I mean, its just so different. Nothing in high school has prepared me for what I am doing now. I just hope I will live through it and enjoy it like so many other people do. Its not about the grades or about the stresses. I would just rather live and enjoy it now.

Heh, even at college, there are these groups that just don’t fit in or are societies rejects. The fact that some people here can talk about alcohol, hooka(s), and sex so openly is a little overwhelming. Why would you talk about these disgusting and horrible habits out in public. Its just extremely annoying and distracting to those people around you who do NOT share your interests.

Also, I am amazed on the amount of people that have little or no education besides high school, or just barely passed. Many I have no idea how they got to college, even more, why they are here. I wish I could help them, but then again, some of them are the people aforementioned in the above paragraph. I not sure I want to exactly help them.

Biology was fun, I really enjoy the teacher. If you ever have a chance to take a BIO class with Karen Chamberlain, totally do it. She is an awesome instructor, with a sense of humor I might add. I not so scared to be in college now, instead, I am slightly apprehensive on what is to come.

Bring it on NIC!

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