Once again, for the last time…

Its that time of year again, ya know, the start of another year of school. But this year is different, in fact, much different. It doesn’t feel just like another year of school, instead, it feels more like the last time I will ever be doing this again. Even though there is college and everything, I still don’t understand why it feels so weird. I totally get the “Big Bad Senior” thing, but its just too strange.

I am going to miss high school when its all over, I know I will. My friends, which are very few in number, I might never see again. That scares me. I love my friends, they are my sanity. I guess soon I will be starting a new chapter in my life. Hopefully more exciting and interesting than the last chapters. In fact, I would really like if it started as a new book and I could just not advertise the old books, the history of it all. That would be nice.

Sigh, the moon is so bright again tonight, and it has been catching my gaze for the past few days. I need to find meaning in my life, and realize who I am. I still think I am confused on what I want to be and why. In truth, I have always had help through all my life decisions. Never once have I felt so alone in my ideas. I am now thinking for myself, by myself, and with myself. Its quite overwhelming to do all that thinking. (-_-)

To all who read my blog, which is pretty much just Tessie, I really could use your help in these coming months. I not ready to be completely by myself, and truthfully, I am still just a kid…

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