Red Sun

As I write my blog of August 2nd 2010 in my living room, I will recount the events of today…

Part 1: My day started at 12:00AM PST at my friends house for a LAN party. (LAN stands for Local Area Network, its a fancy acronym for geeks to say computer games. lol) I actually won a game cause I built a huge base and everyone else gave up. Ha! The wimps… ;D But really, we stayed up til 5 cause we were really bored. Did you know Amps taste like Mountain Dew??? I think its cheating.

Part 2: As I was driving home today, I was noticing a really CREEPY grinding noise from my passenger side wheel. I got home and asked my Dad who is really awesome at figuring things out drove my car for a little bit. He figured out that my brake rotor was really badly gouged and my brake pads were, shall we say, non-existent. So much for driving for the next few days.

Part 3: At 3 PM today, I went to the bookstore in Spirit Lake. No, not for books or coffee, but for business. As a member of the Timberlake High School Band Officer Core, I had to take notes for a meeting we were having. Turns out the meeting went extremely well and we got a lot of stuff out of the way for now. Oh, and I got to see Madi. Hehe!!!

Part 4: Part 4 is what I am doing now, just relaxing with my family at my house. The summer air is so nice tonight. Its an amazing world out there, can’t wait to explore it!

C’ est la vie!

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