Successful in the Unsuccessful Way

I have some terrible news… I think, I am getting sick of Silverwood! Yes yes, I know, I am delusional right? Well, not exactly… If you had my reasonings, you might be sick of Silverwood too. For example:

1. Silverwood is making “record” profits this year, yet labor cuts are up across the board.
2. Since when is it fair to hire someone on one pretense and then really have them work the other pretense?
3. Since when is it right to have a supervisor who talks bad about you behind your back, lies to you, and gets overly stressed about everything?

These are just a few of the many reasons why someone like me would be getting sick of Silverwood. So I feel I need to “look a little farther” down the road and find something new. Something like Best Buy. Yes, I have officially applied at Best Buy. I might also apply at Hastings, Wal-mart, Borders, and Blockbuster. In other words, I am actively searching for a new and less demeaning job. I am tired of the carnival. I need some sanity back…

As for now, I must continue enhancing my computer with music, applications, and some much needed maintenance.

Au Revior for now…

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