Less with nothing

I have seemingly found my summer to be exceedingly boring. The fact of the matter is, I am a boring person. I have not much of a social life and tend to bring nothing to the party. My past couple of days have been fairly uneventful except being called in to Silverwood and going to Rina and Kim’s Bonfire. That was mildly entertaining but I was merely a bystander, watching events unfold around me while I stood and did nothing. Today was spent idling by, some of which was hours spent staring at the T.V. If you found a pulse, please tell my family that I did survive the boredom. Everyone seems to be having fun which makes me happy. Madi and her family are in Utah, enjoying a well deserved vacation. Tessie seems to be loving Utah as well since she is visiting family. Parker and Anton have family visiting and they have been out biking, exploring, and visiting our esteemed theme park Silverwood. Nevertheless, I am trying to combat the inevitable sadness that comes with not being with your significant other. Maybe if I get to do something interesting then I will not have such a hard time. I need to do something.

–Only by doing something can you create memories–

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