As much as I like…

As much as I would love to have the Seniors stay, I am kinda glad they are leaving. Not to be rude to them but I have a few reasons.

1. If they aren’t Seniors, then I am!
2. They have bigger and better things to go do.
3. All my (ex)Senior friends will be out of school and able to do cool things with.

I took my Economics, Computer Science, and Trig/Pre-Calc finals today. Finally over with all that. Tomorrow I have Health and History finals. Both multiple choice! Yay! They also both start with an H… Hmmm… coincidence??? I not really much of a talker today, I don’t have much to say. Just can’t wait for summer! Oh, and Madi leaves on Saturday for 2 weeks and possibly 1-3 days. That will kill me, metaphorically at least. I will miss her a lot. But until then I will have to bide my time. 😀 Smiles make the world go round. Besides, they are fun!!!

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